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Category: General
Posted by: Julianr

Elite is pleased to launch at IBC2015 a range of new Ka band TX/RX components to complement our existing Ka RX only feed chain designs, which include a wide band TX/RX polariser, OMT and feed operating over the full operating band 17 - 22 GHz, 27 - 31 GHz.

 For full details please see our Press Release

Category: General
Posted by: Julianr

Elite Antennas is pleased to announce its new S and X band feed suitable for Cubesat applications. Customer demand led to the development and supply of a 2 port S/X band working prototype feed suitable for a 2.4m fixed antenna.

For full details please see our Press Release

Category: General
Posted by: Alastairh

Elite Antennas have taken delivery of some of the largest sheets of aluminium made anywhere in the world. Click through to find out why.