Satcom feeds & antennas / wideband high power EW antennas & feeds

UK Manufacturers of high quality spun parabolic aluminium satellite antennas

Designers of high performance Ku, Ka, C & X band satcom feed chains

Designers & manufacturers of wide band and high power horn antennas / reflector antennas suitable for EW, SIGINT and Jamming

4.5m Prime Focus Ku Ground Station Satcom AntennaThe product range includes: Professional satellite communications antennas (high performance C/Ku/Ka antennas, Ku/Ka band and C band TVRO antennas) and weather radar systems in X and C band.

Our spinning capacity runs between 0.34m and 4.5m, with a wide variety of focal lengths and build options including bare spun reflectors, complete satcom antennas, fully built satellite receiving earth stations and motorised antenna systems.

Elite Antennas is Britain's only specialist metal spinner dedicated to the production of parabolic prime-focus aluminium satellite antennas; the company is also considered as one of the UK's leading antenna manufacturers.

Ku Band Tx/Rx Eutelsat Compliant Satcom FeedAntennas are supplied with British built mounting systems of unparalleled strength and durability in either conventional or non-penetrating configurations.

Elite has a particularly extensive background in providing high quality wideband and/or high power horn antennas and reflector antennas for EW and jamming / surveillance purposes.

EW high power wide band antenna

The company offers a wide range of high quality COTS and custom designed prime focus, solid, or segmented reflector/feed antenna combinations.

The company also offers a range of antenna positioners characterised by their robust build for antennas up to 4.5m in diameter.

The company is equipped to service the needs of a global customer base. We export to a wide variety of countries and run our own forestry commission certified timber packaging operation.

Elite welcomes the opportunity to work with customers to develop specific antenna solutions for integration into larger systems.


Please contact us with any enquiries or call us on +44 (0) 1568 612050.

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