Ka Band Rx only and TxRx Satcom Antennas

High performance rugged Ka Rx and TxRx Satcom Antennas - 0.9m to 4.5m diameter

Until now, our Teleport customers who have been looking for Ka-band Circular polarised receive feeds have either had to use a high performance narrow band feed which makes repointing the antenna at different transponders with different frequencies problematic, or use a poorly performing broadband feed. Not any more!

Picture of Ka band antennaNow there is the new high performance broadband Ka receive feed from Elite Antennas. The feed has excellent characteristics across the whole 17 - 22 GHz receive band thanks to Elite's innovative OMT and polariser design.

Elite Antennas’ Ka Band prime focus antennas available in diameters from 0.9m to 4.5m can be used with dual or single polarised feeds with either Circular or Linear polarisation over the full Rx band of 17 - 22 GHz.

Please note; Elite's Ka band Rx antennas are normally supplied with a wide band OMT to provide Dual Port operation as standard. Other manufacturers often charge extra for DP operation. A feed design for high performance narrow band use to customer requirements is also available.

Ka Tx/Rx Antennas and feeds

Full band high performance Ka Tx/Rx feeds have been developed and are available now. Elite’s Tx/Rx antennas cover the full 17 - 22 GHz band for receive, with transmit over 27 - 31 GHz with better performance than competitors' narrow band 2 GHz offerings.

Specifications of these Ka antennas can be found here in Elite's main antenna catalogue, and as a shortform brochure, and additionally in the Downloads area of this website. With Elite's reputation of excellent, long lasting, high endurance steelwork with a number of mounting options such as El/Az mount, NPM, A frame, motorised, and polar mounts (both manual and motorised) underpinning the antennas this leads to an class leading performance.

The Ka scalar feed, OMT and polariser has been designed entirely in-house using the latest techniques to provide an optimal, modular design where the OMT and polariser can be swapped in and out depending on the particular customer requirements.

Please contact the company to find out more on sales@elite-antennas.com or Call us now on +44 1568 612050.