Ka Band Satcom Feeds

Elite Antennas addresses rising demand for Ka band capacity with a range of Ka band antennas designed around its own proprietary feed system. Elite's feedtrain components feature extremely robust construction and outstanding performance thanks to the investment of highly specialist in-house design.

As well as industry leading general purpose Rx or Tx/Rx antennas, thanks to our modular range of feedtrain components specialised antennas for monitoring, survey and interception can be built to our customer's own requirements - for example reversed Tx/Rx frequencies, extended band or reception on uplink frequencies. 

For Ka band circular polarised services, Elite offers a exceptional performance over the full band of 17 - 22 GHz for circular or linear operation featuring dual polarised operation.

In addition Elite where outstanding performance at spot frequencies is required, Elite offers feeds tuned for best axial ratio with matched polarisers, allowing unusually high isolation between ports and the best possible signal to noise ratio at a surprisingly reasonable cost.

The commercial satcoms market can now benefit from performance levels normally reserved for military and aerospace customers.

For full details please see our datasheet here

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