Ka / DBS Band Satcom Antennas

Recently introduced, the Ka transmit / receive satcom antenna with DBS/Ka Linear feed is designed for challenging satcom requirements where the feed is designed specifically to meet or exceed the Es’hailSat DBS / Ka satellite specification.


Datasheet Available1.8m Ka Band Transmit / Receive Antenna With DBS/Ka Band Linear Feed

The reflector is designed to offer high surface accuracy necessary for Ka/DBS frequency requirements. Precision aluminium alloy is used for the antenna construction, avoiding differential movement between steel and aluminium parts under temperature expansion and contraction. The el/az mount uses our long standing robust design as supplied in thousands of demanding satellite installations worldwide.



  • High Quality Spun Aluminium Reflector
  • Transmit Frequency 18.1 – 18.4 GHz
  • Receive Frequency 21.4 – 21.7 GHz
  • Linear Polarisation Feed
  • Heavy Duty Antenna Steelwork Construction


Elite welcomes the opportunity to adapt these feeds to suit most makes of offset antennas.


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