Ka TxRx Band Satcom Feed Assemblies

Elite Antennas addresses rising demand for Ka band capacity with a range of Ka band TxRx antennas designed around its own proprietary feed system. Elite's feedtrain components feature extremely robust construction and class leading performance thanks to the investment of highly specialist in-house design.


MODEL 90676

This is a Ka Satcom Transmit/Receive scalar feed providing high isolation and very low return loss. Both ports cover the whole range from 17.2 GHz to 31 GHz. This delivers a huge amount of flexibility allowing Elite to offer a variety of configurations including a 4-port feed from the same design. Both ports can be set as Receive ports or both as Transmit ports.

Ka Band TxRx Satcom Feed Assembly

The ports on this feed can therefore be used with the ports as: Rx/Rx, Tx/Tx, Tx/Rx, Tx/Tx/
Rx/Rx without any impact on the feed’s performance.

This flexibility means that the feed is ideally suitable for systems which need to communicate with multiple satellites and is suitable for satellite surveillance, monitoring, intercept and jamming applications.




FeaturesKa Band TxRx Satcom Feed Assembly showing replaceable radome

  • Excellent performance across entire Ka band over both ports of 17.2 - 31.0 GHz
  • This feed is designed to exceed Eutelsat Ka band satcom requirements.

Radomes are susceptible to damage by birds, etc and may need replacing from time to time. Bonded radomes make this difficult and time consuming. With the new screw off, screw on radome, replacing the radome is simple and straight forward.

Replacement/spare radomes are available.

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