Ku Band Power Divider

Elite's compact, rugged power divider is designed as an economical hot-standby solution for TVRO applications where reception continuity is essential. The divider simply fits to any feed with a standard WR75 (WG17) flange and will accommodate two standard size LNBs side by side. 

Ku Power Divider - hot swappable

The device is fully machined from cast aluminium tooling plate for maximum stability and the finest possible internal finish. 

As the divider is completely passive, with no moving parts or power requirement, it enables easy retrofitting to existing systems and minimises installation time.

If variations on this item are required for your project, we will be happy to offer our design and engineering services. We offer a fast, flexible range of solutions to meet the vast majority of prime focus applications.

Please contact us for a quote or a technical proposal. 

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