Ku Band Rx Eutelsat Compliant Satcom Feeds

Elite Antennas is pleased to announce its new Ku Rx only hybrid mode antenna feed providing the very highest performance to the Eutelsat antenna specification. Customer demand led to the design & development of a 2 port Ku band feed suitable for Elite and other manufacturers' satcom antennas.

Ku RX Band Satcom Feed with OMT and polariser - Front view

Elite’s Ku Band Receive Only Hybrid Mode feed assembly exceeds Eutelsat's demanding specification for Cross Polar Isolation. Port to port isolation betters 45 - 55 dB across the band.

Elite’s Ku Hybrid Mode feed and OMT assembly (P/N’s 90350 / 90351) exceeds Eutelsat's specification EESS 502 (Standard M) and is optimised for receive only operation. The feeds exceed the 35 dB cross polar isolation within a 1dB contour / off axis of ITU-R S.371.1

This feed is used with Elite Antennas’ prime focus reflectors with a f/D of 0.34 - 0.42. Feed P/N 90350 is used with Elite's prime focus reflectors of f/D 0.34 - 0.38; P/N 90351 works with reflectors with a f/D of 0.38 - 0.42. 

Ku RX Band Satcom Feed with OMT and polariser - Rear View

The feed to covers the Super Extended Ku Satcom bands of 10.5 to 13.0 GHz on both side and through Rx ports. The feed output interface consists of two standard WR75 (WG17) ports.

A feed developed for offset reflectors of f/D 0.6 - 0.8 is also available. 

Elite welcomes the opportunity to adapt these feeds to suit most makes of offset antennas.

Please contact the company to find out more on sales@elite-antennas.com or call us now on +44 1568 612050.