Large Sectional Parabolic Antennas - 3.0m, 3.7m, 4.5m diameter

Elite Antennas manufacture a line of antennas which can be dismantled for transport and storage before reconstruction on site. This brings obvious cost benefits in terms of warehousing and transport costs without compromising surface accuracy or stability.

DatasheetElite  now offers parabolic antennas up to 4.5m diameter for the most demanding applications. The 4.5m antenna is offered with a 20" steel tube mount and a massively constructed mounting head coupled to an all-steel reflector structure. Please call or email to discuss prices and applications.

A 3.7m sectionalised antenna, reassembled for testing.

Typically this procedure would be used for 3.0 and 3.7m antennas but it can be scaled and applied to much smaller antennas if required, for example where access to roof space is difficult or transport across rough ground precludes the use of heavy goods vehicles.

Our sectioning method uses rolled aluminium angle ribs bonded and rivetted to the reflector spinning, which is split and reassembled with a packing piece to maintain a perfect profile.

3.7m  reflector with bonded, rivetted ribs in place. This will now be sawn into quarters.

Parabolic reflectors are rebuilt at their destination with common hand tools. Lifting equipment is required to mount the reflector but apart from this no special skills are required other than basic mechanical aptitude.

Large antennas typically use a rolled steel backing ring as part of our heavy duty 3.7m mount. This can also be applied to a 3.0m antenna for hurricane conditions. This is a development photograph: production steelwork is galvanized.

This steel ring is used to add stability to sectionalised antennas andis an integral part of our heavy duty 3.7m mount.

Elite welcomes the opportunity to work with our customers to develop antennas to their particular demanding requirements.

Please contact the company to find out more on sales@elite-antennas.com or call us now on +44 1568 612050.