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Elite Antennas announces its new Perforated Reflector Antennas

Elite offers a range of satcom and other antennas manufactured from perforated aluminium. The antenna shown is a 1.8m 4-piece perforated aluminium antenna designed for an S band CP satcom application. The main benefits are reduced wind loading and reduced weight.

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Posted by: Julianr

pdf_icon_115968Elite has recently developed a new manufacturing technique that allows the creation of spun reflectors and antennas using perforated material. This technique was developed in response to customer demand for a lighter, but exceptionally robust antenna with reduced windloading which is especially useful in particularly harsh, windswept environments.

Our intitial tests have indicated a reduction in windloading of approx. 31%, and a reduction of weight of approx. 39% compared to a standard antenna.


  • Reduced wind loading
  • Reduced weight, reducing transportation costs
  • Rapid deployment
  • May be manufactured in segments and easily assembled on site.

Elite welcomes the opportunity to work with our customers to develop antennas to their particular demanding requirements.

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