Motorised antennas and antenna positioners for tracking, standby, failover and inclined orbit satellites

Elite Antennas manufacture a range of motorised antennas to suit applications such as surveillance, standby, failover and inclined orbit tracking. Our motorised antenna mounts use heavy duty slewing drives and high grade linear jacks for massive rigidity and accurate, first-time acquisition. Any size of antenna made by Elite can be motorised with a variety of hardware and control options. Tracking antennas for inclined orbit satellites can also be produced.

Model 221 Heavy Duty Motorised Antenna

For use with antennas up to 3.7m Diameter

Model 221 Heavy Duty Motorised Antenna

Model 221 Antenna Positioner DatasheetOverview

The 221 antenna positioner is designed to handle antennas up to 3.7m diameter at C and Ku band and up to 2.4m at Ka band. Construction is of fabricated plate steel, galvanized for long life. All drive parts are painted.

Power is provided by two motorised slewing drives in azimuth and elevation.

The centre cabinet protects the encoders or resolvers while exterior electrical systems are sealed to IP65 or better.

The antenna positioner is highly configurable, with the option of AC motors for faster movement and a wide choice of controllers and control methods.


  • Extremely hard wearing and robust build providing low maintenance and longevity
  • Manufactured from welded rolled steel plate
  • High gear ratio for smooth operation, accurate tracking and efficient operation
  • Counterbalanced for motor load reduction and reduced wear


Model 278 Heavy Duty Motorised Antenna

For use with antennas up to 4.5m Diameter

Model 278 Heavy Duty Antenna Positioner

Model 278 Antenna Positioner DatasheetOverview

The Type 278 motorised antenna positioner provides class-leading ground segment performance. It is designed for positioning and tracking larger antennas up to 4.5m diameter operating at high frequencies, including military Ka band. Bearing and positioning are handled by large diameter slewing drives powered by AC or DC motors. The frame is manufactured from heavy gauge galvanized steel. The kingpost is a 508mm OD hot finished steel.

The mount can be configured for operation with most current positioner controllers, either with 16-bit encoder feedback or pulse counting, using Ephemeris or beacon tracking.

User-configurable limit switches prevent movement beyond a defined angular range. Encoders, limit switches and junction boxes are concealed under a central cover that prevents tampering and offers additional protection from severe environmental conditions.

The antenna positioner is counterbalanced to reduce gravitational loading and drive current.

End user benefits include compact layout, quick installation, quiet operation, long mechanical life and excellent pointing and tracking accuracy even in the most severe wind conditions.