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New for 2013 - Viking Satcom Products

Elite Antennas are very proud to work in partnership with Viking Satcom of Albion, MI, USA as their authorised distributor of satellite communications products in the United Kingdom and Europe.
Posted by: Alastairh

Viking Satcom are a leading manufacturer of high quality commercial satellite communications products, including:

  • Offset fixed and motorised antennas
  • Fixed and motorised C/Ku/Combined feeds
  • Motorised mounts, actuators and controllers
  • Manpack and tactical antennas
  • LNBs and BUCs
  • Multifeed systems

Viking antennas are made to high standards in the United States and have a reputation for excelllent quality and value. For more information on purchasing Viking Satcom products within the United kingdom and Europe please contact Elite Antennas at our sales email address or call +44 (0) 1568 612050.

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