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Elite to Launch new Ka Band TX/RX Feed Chain Components

Elite is pleased to launch at IBC2015 a range of new Ka band TX/RX components to complement our existing Ka RX only feed chain designs, which include a wide band TX/RX polariser, OMT and feed operating over the full operating band 17 - 22 GHz, 27 - 31 GHz.

 For full details please see our Press Release

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Posted by: Julianr

Ka satcom receive/transmit polarisers are required when the antenna is to operate with circular polarisation simultaneously at the receive and transmit frequencies which are widely separated, as in the case of the Ka satcom band.

Elite also provide polarisers for circular polarisation for specific portions of the band. If improved performance is required over a specific portion of the band, additional tuning can be added. 

2.4mKa AntennaThe company has additionally designed a full band TX/RX OMT and feed to match our range of high quality reflectors in diameters from 0.9 to 4.5m diameter. The feed chain components are suitable for many other prime focus and offset reflectors available in the market dependent on the f/D required of the reflector.

If variations on these items are required for your project, the company will be happy to offer our design and engineering services. Elite offers a fast, flexible range of solutions to meet the vast majority of prime focus applications. Please contact the company on for a quote or a technical proposal.