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Elite Antennas announces its new range of High Power EW Wide Band Reflector Antennas

Elite is addressing the defence & surveillance markets with its wideband and high power antennas suitable for EW / jamming. The antennas were developed inhouse making use of its many years of design and antenna manufacturing experience.

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Wide-band reflector antennas and wideband horn antennas are both available. The antennas offer rugged construction in-line with government or military applications and offer class leading antenna performance.

Wide Band High Power Co-Axial and Waveguide Reflector Antennas

Wide Band High Power Co-Axial Reflector AntennasThe wide band high power reflector antennas cover 3 - 8 GHz and 7.5 - 18 GHz band using standard double ridged waveguide outputs. High power coaxial reflector antennas are offered covering 2 - 6 GHz and 6 - 18 GHz bands, with powers up to 400W CW. Special techniques are used to allow high power handling with standard type N connectors.

Please enquire concerning larger antenna sizes and other antenna band requirements.

Elite has also designed a new antenna specifically for SIGINT and wide band surveillance purposes. The 600mm diameter antenna covers the 7.5 - 18 GHz band.  The reflector antenna offers robust build and has a SMA coaxial connector, (N type also available).

This antenna is also suitable for spectrum analysis and test & measurement activities. Larger diameter reflector sizes can also be provided, ie 900mm, 1200mm and greater.

2 - 6 GHz with a 700mm diameter antenna


Co-Axial Output High Power Antennas


W7.5 - 18 GHz with a 600mm diameter antennaaveguide Output High Power Antennas


Waveguide Output Standard Power Antennas7.5 - 18 GHz Broadband Antenna for Surveillance and SIGINT


Please note other antenna sizes and frequency bands are available.

Custom requirements are also welcomed.

Please enquire to our Sales staff for further details.