Perforated Aluminium Reflector Antennas

Elite offers a range of satcom and other antennas manufactured from perforated aluminium. The antenna shown is a 1.8m 4-piece perforated aluminium antenna designed for an S band CP satcom application. The main benefits are reduced wind loading and reduced weight.

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4-piece perforated S band aluminium antennaElite has recently developed a new manufacturing technique that allows the creation of spun reflectors and antennas using perforated material. This technique was developed in response to customer demand for a lighter, but exceptionally robust antenna with reduced windloading which is especially useful in particularly harsh, windswept environments.

Our intitial tests have indicated a reduction in windloading of approx. 31%, and a reduction of weight of approx. 39% compared to a standard antenna.


  • Reduced wind loading
  • Reduced weight, reducing transportation costs
  • Rapid deployment
  • May be manufactured in segments and easily assembled on site.

1.8m 4-piece perforated S band aluminium antenna

Frequency Range:

The antenna does not lose performance if the hole diameter is less than 1/16th of a wavelength. A perforated reflector with 6mm diameter holes will therefore work to a wavelength of 96mm i.e. frequency of 3.1 GHz. 3mm holes can be used which will be good to 6 GHz ie C Band Tx.

S Band Antenna Feed designed and manufactured by Elite

Smaller holes again (ie suitable for Ku band) can be used but with diminishing returns in terms of reducing weight and wind loading.

Elite welcomes the opportunity to work with our customers to develop antennas to their particular demanding requirements.


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