Parabolic prime focus satellite reflector antennas, earth stations & microwave antennas

Elite Antennas manufacture a wide variety of satellite reflector antennas for high-end customers including defence agencies, commercial broadcast networks, systems integrators and research agencies. Our customer base is global, covering Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Africa and South America. Antennas can be supplied with British built mounting systems of unparalleled strength and durability in either conventional or non-penetrating configurations.

3.7m standard reflector antenna with tripod mount

Our reflector antennas are used in a wide variety of applications, including high power weather radars, satellite transmission and reception systems, jamming equipment, surveillance systems and calibration ranges. Antennas are available in C, X, Ku and Ka band configurations.

For cost-sensitive markets, a wide variety of commercial antennas are available, providing excellent performance and value for money.








Case study: 3.7m standard reflector antenna with nonpenetrating roof mount (NPRM)

This 3.7m antenna is designed to reduce the cost of installation and maintenance with simple, self-evident yet extremely robust construction. The 254mm king post couples to a fabricated head and pre-built ballast trays. Steelwork is built in large sections and secured with high tensile bolts for fast, secure fixing. Adjustment is straightforward and permanent. No special tools are required.

3.7m standard antennas packed for export

3.7m C band standard antennas as supplied, packed for export.










3.7m antenna steelwork as supplied

The king post, az/el head, ballast trays, main ring and support legs as supplied. All parts and fixings are hot-dip galvanized.









Az/el mount and NPRM assembled with ballastAz/el mount and NPRM assembled with ballast. The trays will accomodate 160 4" concrete blocks in a single layer. Frames are fully welded from heavy section steel angle.








Assembly of the reflector quadrantsAssembly of the reflector quadrants. Only two spanners are required. All fastening is done on the reverse of the reflector for easy coordination and perfect realignment.








Fitting the main ring to the reflectorFitting the main ring to the reflector. This heavy rolled channel ring gives the reflector assembly great strength and resillience.








3.7m standard antenna elevation adjuster


Elevation adjuster nut - the M42 thread allows full sky coverage. Also visible are the heavy 100mm channel sections that form the sides of the head.








3.7m standard antenna head/main ring assembly

Az/El head and main ring assembly showing elevation screw, azimuth clamping bolts and head construction.








3.7m standard antenna at Elite Antennas ltdStandard 3.7m reflector antenna assembled in C-band TVRO configuration. Ku and C/Ku options are available.