Weather Radar Antenna Design and Manufacturing Services


Elite Antennas’ weather radar design service offers integrators the opportunity to dramatically increase system performance and maximise value to end users. All antenna assemblies are built to meet highly defined customer specifications and requirements, allowing simplified integration, fast system turnaround and reduced risk. End users will benefit from greatly increased accuracy of collected data and exceptional durability.


Elite Antennas manufactures conventional and bistatic antennas between 1.2m and 4.5m in X, C and S band, in single and dual polar configurations. All designs feature extremely low VSWR, high isolation between ports and excellent cross polar performance.

Sidelobe performance may be tailored to suit customer requirements by conventional feed matching or antenna shrouding for special designs. Antennas may be configured as centre fed or splashplate designs.

Elite Antennas is already a major presence in the highly demanding European weather radar market and will continue to build on this success.