Wideband Co-axial Reflector Antennas

Elite is addressing the defence and surveillance markets for wideband and high power antennas with its years of design and manufacturing experience. Wideband reflector antennas and wideband horn antennas are both available.

The product below is a standard item. Other standard frequency bands are also available. Please get in touch with sales@elite-antennas.com or call +44 1568 612050 if you are interested in standard wideband antennas or require any assistance regarding custom designed antennas.

7.5 - 18 GHz Broadband Antenna for Surveillance and SIGINT

MODEL EW 7-18 / 90585


7.5 – 18 GHz Wideband Antenna for Surveillance and SIGINT

Designed for surveillance and SIGINT purposes these antennas incorporate a number of novel features. The antennas are of very rugged construction in line with government or military applications and offering excellent antenna performance over the waveguide band. They are equally suitable for both EW and Elint applications.

N.B. A higher power version of this antenna targetted at jamming applications with a WRD750 waveguide interface to the rear of the antenna is also available (Part Number EW 7-18 / 90436).

  • The feed is machined from solid to provide low VSWR and high power transmission
  • The connector is a SMA (Female)
  • The focus of the antenna can be adjusted to either optimise the gain or widen the beam width over the band
  • The mounting boss allows rotation for vertical, horizontal or slant polarisation

Elite design & manufacture a wide variety of L, C, X, Ku, & Ka band alongside wideband antennas for high-end customers including defence agencies, commercial broadcast networks, systems integrators and research agencies